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  Web Positioning and Hosting

Once a web site has been designed and built it needs to be linked to a domain and to be hosted by a suitable web page server. Hernest Consulting also takes care of that making sure that your web host suits the characteristics of the site.

After the site is hosted and on line the next step is “visibility”. At present there are millions of web sites on the Internet and its users rely more and more on Google, Yahoo and MSM to find the pages they need. So, in order for your page to be visited by an acceptable minimum number of users you need it to be present in the major search engines on the Net. We also help you achieve that.

And once the web site is on the major searchers then the owner of the site may wish that his page shows up in the first places when certain words, that we call “key words”, are typed in. We call the achievement of this goal “web positioning” or simply “positioning” and Hernest Consulting also does this kind of specialized work for its clients.

Lastly, we provide a statistics service on the number of visitors hitting the web site, which is a valuable tool to better adjust the content of the page to the needs of the target audience.

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