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  Computer Services

Computer outsourcing is just having an external company to handle for you all computer-related services in order to guarantee a better and more efficient performance. Hernest Consulting provides this kind of service through remote access to servers and communications equipments, through on-site visits, if needed, and through contacts via telephone or e-mail.

Most of the outsourcing services to rather complex clients are focused on the so called preventive maintenance, which is completely invisible for the client. Its effectiveness is measured by a guaranteed absence of problems. It includes, for example:

- Security copies of stored information.

- Anti-virus and anti-spam maintenance.

- Control of disc space.

- Controls of access, passwords and security in general.

- Maintenance to e-mail servers and data bases.

- Maintenance to remote access systems, etc.

The on-site visits by our technicians take place only when the problem can not be solved through remote access or, evidently, in cases of specific equipments and software repairs and installations.

Our support about the functioning of equipments and software is handled basically by telephone and, like the visit of our technicians, it is cost- free.

Our on-site visits are provided non-stop from 9 am till 6 pm, Monday thru Friday. The remote support is provided everyday around the clock.

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